Canadian Centre for Integrative Medicine

Welcome to the centre that focuses on empowering motivated individuals to take charge of their own health and wellness.

Our centre uniquely integrates conventional medicine (MD, Specialists) with complementary medicine (PT,DC, DO, TCM and ND) to move patients from chronic pain and suffering to enhanced function and quality of life.

Our accomplished team of physicians, specialists and health professionals are devoted to providing you high-quality care and advanced treatment to combat your acute and chronic pain

Our centre is committed to delivering safe and accurate (ultrasound and EMG guided) injection therapies to help you FEEL WELL (Platelet-Rich plasma to heal ligaments, tendons; Botox to correct muscle imbalances and neuropathic pain); BE WELL (Functional Medicine nutritional i.v. therapies and bioidentical hormone replacement); LOOK WELL (Cosmetic treatment with Juvederm).

Our goal is to reduce both pain and its negative impact in order to enable our patients to live more productive lives.